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Many Canadian expatriates are surprised to learn that their provincial health insurance does not provide comprehensive coverage when they are out of their country. While many provinces provide a minor amount of reimbursement, it is often just a tiny fraction of the medical bill. We are talking about a $50 refund for an emergency room visit that may cost thousands!

If you live overseas for an extended period, you will no longer be eligible for Canadian health coverage. We strongly recommend World Virtual Hospital plan for all expatriates because this will provide both global and local coverage and benefits.

World Virtual Hospital Concept:

When you or your loved ones face a new and serious medical challenge, how can you be confident that the diagnosis and treatment plan outlined for you are the best available? After a careful review of your health records and investigations as immediately available on your WVH EMR and after a thorough virtual consultation, our world class physicians and surgeons will provide you with a second opinion on diagnosis and treatment plan to allow you to go forward with confidence and peace of mind.

In order to provide appropriate medical care, the availability of your medical information becomes of paramount importance. With our Unified Medical File system, your information is always available, even offline, anytime and anywhere in a professional language that all doctors will understand.


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