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Why Do Canadian Expats Require International Health Insurance When Residing Abroad?

A large number of Canadians are presently residing outside of Canada for work, retirement or extended vacations.

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According to Expat Intelligence, nearly 3 million Canadians are living abroad. Apart from the usual tasks of adjusting to their new environment, finding housing, and arranging transportation and schooling, there is another important factor that they need to consider - obtaining international health insurance coverage.

No or Limited Coverage from Home Province When Moving Abroad:

Healthcare is a provincial responsibility in Canada, and the plans generally provide coverage only when you are residing in Canada and fulfill the province's residency requirements. Canadians usually purchase travel medical insurance when going out of their home province or country for a few days, weeks, or months. These plans are meant for emergency situations only and cover the expenses incurred abroad before taking you back to Canada for further treatment under the province's medical plan. The amount reimbursed by the province is generally a fraction of the actual cost of the medical claim. If you are planning to move abroad, you should assume that you will lose your healthcare coverage in Canada after a particular period or a year, making it necessary to purchase international health insurance.

Losing Canadian Residency When Relocating Abroad:

Canadians who give up their official residency in Canada when moving abroad often enjoy some tax benefits. However, this means that they will no longer have access to healthcare coverage back home. This makes it even more crucial to obtain a global health plan that covers them when residing abroad.

Travel Medical Insurance for Expats is Inadequate:

Travel medical insurance plans are not ideal for expats, as they only cover emergency expenses, such as sudden injuries or illnesses. They do not provide coverage for chronic conditions, annual checkups, or follow-up care. Additionally, Canadian travel insurance plans usually do not cover the reoccurrence of a medical condition and offer coverage for only up to 6 months or a year abroad. If you have already left your home province, they will not cover you either. International health insurance is, therefore, a necessity for Canadians residing abroad.

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